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Wonderland going down7
Wonderland: GOING DOWN
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Follow White rabbit down the rabbit hole to experience your own unique story there.


Welcome to Wonderland

We digitalized Wonderland into interacive 360° enviroment. Now anyone on this planet can experience their own adventure in Wonderland.

Escape rooms by are famous thanks to excelent audio-visual level of games, unique puzzles, immersive story and fun adventure.

Why should you try online escape room?

  • Real escape room located in Košice, Slovakia, digitalized into 360° immersive experience.
  • Solve puzzles, collect items and operate mechanisms as if you were there.
  • Connect with your friends from all around the world.
  • Enjoy escape room from comfort of your home.
  • See everybody's mouse cursor moving around the room.
  • Intedned gameplay time is 70 minutes. You´ve got 48 hours to finish the game.
  • Play multiplayer or singleplayer.
  • Play anytime, digital game is without live-host/avatar.
  • Hints system is built in-game, if you get stuck.


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