How to play


  1. Pick a game you want to play, order it and pay.
  2. After successful payment you will recieve unique link to your game (link is valid forever until clicking "START" button in the game) and send it to your friends you want to play with.
  3. Wait for everyone to join, write your nickname, press "START" and have fun!
  4. Recommended: Use video-call application of your choice, if you are in different locations. This is not part of this product.


We photographically captured our real escape room build in Košice, Slovakia. Subsequently we graphically modified it to achieve the best online experience, in an interactive 360° environment as if you were in a real room.

The whole game takes place on internet platform Telescape, which allows you to solve these puzzles, riddles and various tasks together and online (without a gamemaster or live avatar). Hints are available in game, if you get stuck.

Number of players is not limited and you can play it on PC, smartphone or tablet. For best experience we recommend to play it on PC in team 2-6 players. Suitable also for a single player.

Intended time is 70 minutes per game, but you have 48 hours to finish the game (after clicking the “START” button in the game)

Players can communicate and see each other using a video call application e.g. Zoom. Video-call connection is not part of this product.

It’s a new kind of entertainment that people all over the world are looking for. So don’t hesitate and try our online games.


Telescape: is platform for transforming real escape rooms to virtual world. You don’t need to download anything. Just click the link and play in your web browser.

Platform: Can be played on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. But for best experience we recommend to use a Computer and Chrome browser.

Number of connections: is not limited. We tested 10 connections. More than 10 computers may experience some delays or speed issues.

Language: English.

Video chat: On your own. Use your favorite one, e.g. Zoom, Discord, Skype, Messenger.

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